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Email: f.carozzi@lse.ac.uk

Felipe Carozzi

Assistant Professor of Urban Economics and Economic Geography.

Department of Geography and Environment. London School of Economics and Political Science.


Sending the Pork Home: Birth Town Bias in Transfers to Italian Municipalities (with Luca Repetto)

Journal of Public Economics (134), February 2016, Pages 42-52

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Replication Package

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Working Papers

Credit Constraints and the Composition of Housing Sales. Farewell to First-time Buyers? (R&R JEEA)

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SERC Discussion Paper 183 (July 2015)

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Distributive Politics inside the City? The Political Economy of Spain's Plan E (with Luca Repetto) Submitted

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Uppsala Department of Economics Working Paper (December 2016)

SERC Discussion Paper 212 (February 2017)

Female Mayors and Gender Policies in a Developed Country (with Andrés Gago)

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Work in Progress

Estimating the Long-Run Price Elasticity of Brownfield Development using Spatial Discontinuities

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Other Research Work

The Quit Rates of Indebted Workers

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